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What should you do if the police are looking for you?


First and foremost, if the police confront you on the street and tell you that you're under arrest, NEVER RESIST ARREST- it only makes things worse!  Stay calm, and don't say ANYTHING, until you call me at, 718-846-5843.


The only thing you should say to a police officer is:  I WANT TO CALL MY LAWYER.  The police actually have a term for this, they call it: "LAWYERING-UP".  The police will try to discourage you from "Lawyering-Up", because once you do, they can't question you any longer.   If the police do make contact with you, never "try to explain" .  


The police DO NOT have to give you Miranda Warnings if you speak to them over the phone.  If you say something incriminating to the police over the phone, it can be used against you.  Having a lawyer contact the police for you cannot be used against you as evidence of guilt, so it's foolish to put yourself in the position of saying something that can hurt you later on.  


The police are allowed make you think you have nothing to worry about in order to get you to start talking. 

Many times the police will contact a suspect and ask if he'd be willing to come to the precinct for a "few questions'. THAT'S BECAUSE THEY MAY NOT HAVE ENOUGH TO ARREST YOU - THAT IS, UNLESS YOU GO TO THE PRECINCT AND SAY SOMETHING INCRIMINATING.  Ask the Officer for his number and politely end the call, and call me.


If you have been contacted by the police, or they are looking for you, call me right now, at 718-846-5843.

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