Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence - DV - encompasses many types of crimes committed between spouses and domestic partners, although the typical case involves one partner assaulting the other. 


Here are some things you should know about DV cases:


  * The victim can't order the DA to drop the charges.

  * The DA decides if charges will be dropped.

  * The police keep track of every time they have come to your house.

  * The police give this informaiton to the DA.

  * The system - the DA and Courts - take these cases seriously.

  * If you are arrested for in a DV case you may be excluded from your home while the case is pending.


DV charges are sometimes falsely brought by angry partners while a divorce  or custody battle is going on between the parties.  And don't fool yourself into believing the DA will see through this and dismiss your case.  The DA won't do that unless you and your attorney prove to them that the acuser is lying.


The word is out on this, and disgruntled partners have been known to get the other partner to lose their temper so they can call the police.  If you sense that your partner is trying to do this you must resist the urge to lash out - even verbally.  Don't fall into the trap.


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