Your life can be turned upside-down at your first appearance in court.  


If you are arrested and charged with certain felonies, even as a first-time offender, there is a very real danger that a court will set bail at your arraignment.  This means you will remain in jail until you can raise the money to post bail.  This may take several days.  You may lose your job and your ability to pay your bills and support your family - all from the first appearance in court. 


This pressure results in the client making hasty decisions.  The client may agree to plead guilty and live the rest of his life with a criminal record if that means getting out of jail on a plea deal today - often before his attorney has had time interview witnesses and develop a defense strategy.


Showing up with a private attorney at arraignment sends a very powerful message to a Judge who has to decide how much bail, if any, he is going to set.  It tells the Judge that the client is serious about defending himself; that he has a support network in place - family and friends - who cared enough about him to hire a lawyer while he was detained at Central Booking; and, that he is already invested in his defense.


Judges know that a person who has a private attorney with them at their arraignment will almost certainly return to court when told, and that high bail is unnecessary.


More importantly, if, after speaking with you, I am of the opinion that bail is likely to be set by the Court, I will direct you to a reputable bail bondsman before your arrest, so that you can have bail ready even before you see the Judge - so you don't spend a day in jail.


One of the most important things you can do is to hire a lawyer to represent you at your arraignment.  Calling us now at - 718-846-5843.


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