You need your own lawyer protecting you.  It's as simple as that. 


These days, in the City of New York, a court appointed lawyer is available for the asking.  If you want a court appointed attorney, just ask, you'll get one.


And we won't sit here and tell you that public defenders are bad lawyers.  There are some who are very dedicated and who know their stuff.  But the system keeps overworking them.  The government funds public defenders based upon a dollar-per-case basis: that is, the system looks to dispose of as many cases as possible for as little money as possible. 


As a result, public defenders are exploited by a system that is focused on the bottom line.  A system that keeps piling more and more work upon them - continually expecting them to do more with less.


But details make all the difference in the world.  The details are the thing that separates your case from other cases.  And if your lawyer has too many cases to work on, he just won't be able to spend the time necessary to discover the detail that can make the difference in your case.




These days, there are many consequences of a criminal conviction: suspension of a professional license, your driver's license, the loss of a job or making more difficult to get a job, compromised immigration status, sex offender registration.  These and other lifelong consquences cannot, in any way, be taken for granted. 


We pride ourselves on finding the details.


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